I have used chiropractors for years…. and ART chiropractors are the best for athletes specifically. Dr. Casey takes his time and makes sure you are healing. If you want the usual 10 minute adjustments… go to anyone. You want to really heal.. go to Dr. Casey!

-Brad K.

As a professional chef of 20 years and a professional Angler of 20 years I was at the end of my rope with solutions on this excruciating pain in my left arm. I even went to the emergency room before visiting Dr. Casey, which was a mistake. They tried to prescribe me a bunch of medicines that had nothing to do with my symptoms because they weren’t sure. Having seen doctor Casey before and who has performed miracles on me previously. I decide to make a visit with him. I explained to him what happened and what the symptoms were and how I was waking up 10 times a night due to the pain and numbness in my fingertips and arm. I even thought I had carpal tunnel.  Dr. Casey soon ruled that out and begin to work his magic. Dr. Casey came in and found I had pinched nerve in my upper traps and arm. Let’s just say that night I was able to sleep a full night’s rest which hasn’t been possible for the last three months.

Thank you to Dr. Casey who actually takes the time to listen to his patients before making false assessments of their problems. I highly recommend Dr. Casey to anyone who’s having any discomfort and pain to check him out.

-Anthony Hunt – Chef and Food Network Chopped Competitor

I am so happy to have Dr. Casey.  He is so genuine and truly wants to help. After he worked on my back, he took me in the gym and helped me stretch.  He truly is a genuine person that would do anything to help you.  I feel like he’s not just my chiropractor he’s my friend.

-Jane E.

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